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Published: August 16, 2022   

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10 Blue Links

What are 10 Blue Links?

The term 10 Blue Links refers to the 10 organic search results that form the first page of SERPs from Google or Bing. The results are shown with a similar format of blue links.

In today’s digital day and age, most, if not all, people rely on Google when they’re looking for something. And using Google is pretty straightforward – just go to the search bar, type in your search terms, and a list of links will appear on the page.

10 Blue Links and Other Types of Results

Today, SERPs contain many types of results, in addition to the organic blue links. For example, you can see a People Also Ask section.

As the name implies, the People Also Ask feature displays other questions or queries that people type in into the Google search bar. You can click on the questions to show answers to them. Many SEO specialists use the People Also Ask section to generate keywords and come up with new content.

​You can also find a Videos results section. Since Google knows the content of a particular artist or content creator, you will see the most relevant results.

In some cases, you can see a Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel on the right side of the page. The Knowledge Graph feature contains information that is related to your search. It is used to improve search engine results with more details such as social media handles, if available, as well as Wikipedia entries.

​With the Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel, you can look for certain people, places, and landmarks, among others, that are related to your search.

​You can see that the SERPs are updated to provide not just organic blue links but also various types of organic results. Typically, Google (or other search engines) will show ads above the organic results. 


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