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Published: August 28, 2022   

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Content Creation Process

What is the Content Creation Process?

Content is an integral part of a site, not only to provide information to your target audience but also to improve rankings in search engine results pages. It can come in different types, from text and images to videos and other files.



When creating content for your site, it is important to follow the following process:

Your Expertise

What are you passionate about? What is your field of interest? What do you want to talk about? Creating content for your site starts with focusing on the topic that you’re an expert in.

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors and analyze them. Look at the keywords that they’re targeting and their top pages with high traffic. Then, find the right combination of keywords that are both high volume and low difficulty. Eventually, you can move on to keywords with high difficulty.

Keyword Development and Planning

Once you’ve identified the keywords to target, you need a work plan for building the content.


Create a list of articles that you need to write and how they link to each other. What are the topics to be covered? How many words per article? Will you write everything or do you need writers?

Research and Writing

Do your research to write each article. You can go through books, relevant sites online, and/or your own knowledge about the topic. Of course, make sure to write in a way that your target audience will understand.

Images, Videos, and Summaries

Content is not just text. It also refers to images, videos, and summaries that will make your site reader-friendly and interesting. It is an important part of the content creation process, since adding such types of content can really elevate the quality of your site.

Additional Resources

Learn more about creating high-quality content and related topics in our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course. For additional knowledge, check out the following resources:

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