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Published: September 26, 2022   

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Technical SEO Factors

What are Technical SEO Factors?

Technical search engine optimization refers to the measures taken to make sure that the website is optimized so search engines can crawl and index your pages.


Why is technical SEO important? You may have a site with a huge volume of high-quality content, but it will be useless if search engines cannot index it. Here are some of the most important factors when it comes to technical SEO:


1. Page speed

How quickly your page loads is important as it plays a role in the user experience. In general, it’s ideal for pages to load in less than two and a half seconds, but you need to do something about pages that take more than four seconds to load.


2. HTTP status codes

Another technical SEO factor to consider is managing the HTTP status codes of the pages on your site. The codes include a 404 code, which is used when a page is not found. Make sure not to have 404 codes on your site. Another is a 301 code, which is a redirect that redirects any broken links to the proper ones.

3. URL structure

Having a clean URL structure makes it easy for search engines to crawl your pages. It also contributes to improving the user experience.

4. Duplicate/Thin content

Duplicate content is where you have an exact copy of another content, while thin content refers to content that has less than 250 words. Make sure to avoid having both duplicate and thin content on your site.


5. Nofollow

Using a nofollow code can be important if you do not want to associate yourself with another website but you are talking about them. This ensures that you are not passing on some link juice to them.

6. Canonicals

Canonicals are a technical SEO factor is used to fix duplicate content. For instance, if you have some URLs or pages that contain the same information, you can choose one of them as the canonical one.


7. Redirect

A 301 redirect is used to fix broken links or you just want to change the URL of a page.


The above are the most common technical SEO factors to consider to optimize your site and improve rankings in search engine results pages. Learn more about technical SEO factors and related topics in our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course

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