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Published: September 26, 2022   

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Staying Organized, Efficient, and Motivated

How to Stay Organized, Efficient, and Motivated

Building and optimizing a website are both challenging and time-consuming. There are good days when you’re productive. There are also slow days when you’re not in the mood to do anything for your site.


How can you stay organized, efficient, and motivated so you can meet your goal of having a site with a huge volume of content? Here are some tips to consider:



Batch articles

One of the best ways to be efficient is to write your articles in batches. For instance, you decided to write five articles. For every article, do your research, identify the keywords to be targeted, and put all the headings and links of websites that you want to link to. It’s sort of creating the outline of an article to keep the writing process organized.


You can also create the diagrams at this point that will guide you once you start writing. With an outline and diagrams in place, you will be able to write easily and more efficiently.


Calendar blocks

Create a schedule of what you need to do on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. Put everything on a calendar so you don’t miss anything. Do whatever works best for you.


For example, you can decide on writing five articles per day for the entire week, or writing articles for four hours per day. It can also be focusing on the other aspects of your business, such as SEO or working with developers. Put it in the calendar and stick to it so you will know the outputs that you can expect by the end of the week or month. Prioritize what’s important to your business.


Set goals and challenges for yourself

You can create daily, weekly, and even monthly goals. See how many articles you can do in a day, for instance. It will be rewarding to meet your goals.


Another way is to set challenges to keep you motivated. One example is to be able to do your favorite hobby once you’re done with the challenges.


Reward yourself

After all that hard work, it’s time to reward yourself! It can be small incentives, such as getting your favorite coffee once you’re finished with your tasks for the day.


It can also be buying something you’ve always wanted. Doing so gives you something nice to look forward to, keeping you motivated to finish your work.  

The above are some of the tips for staying organized, efficient, and motivated. Learn about related topics in our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course.  

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