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Published: September 16, 2022   

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Using Tags

What is a Tag?

Content-rich websites need to be organized, that’s why articles are usually grouped into categories. It’s a great way to navigate through your site. But how can you categorize articles that do not have their own categories o folder structure? You can organize them by using tags.

A tag is an attribute that makes it easier for users to locate content or a specific topic that is most relevant to their search. By allowing them to easily move around your site and target the information that they are looking for, using tags can improve the overall user experience.


Using Tags

Using tags is not only beneficial in terms of improving your users' experience. It also helps you in your search engine optimization efforts. They help you increase traffic to your website, improve visibility when it comes to site and image searches, and enhance data accuracy.


In general, the more categories and the more tags that you use for your website, the better to keep articles more organized. If you have a huge volume of content, you’ll benefit a lot from having a clean site structure where everything is connected.


Using tags is an easy way to have a lot of interlinking within the site, making it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl your website and eventually, improve rankings in search results.


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