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Published: August 29, 2022   

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First Principles of SEO

What are the First Principles of SEO?

Search engine optimization can be an overwhelming process, with a lot of factors to take into account and work to be done. That’s why it is important to put together your first principles of SEO that will guide you throughout the process.



1. Only experts should write about technical topics

One of the first principles of SEO is that only write about topics that you’re an expert it or passionate about. People search online for relevant information.

Make visiting your site worth their while by providing high-quality content based on your expertise. Otherwise, the content will not be good enough, which can affect the amount of traffic on your site.

2. Building trust produces better long-term outcomes

Don’t you just hate it when you visit a page and a pop-up suddenly obstructs your view?


Build trust with your users by providing them the information that they want in a straightforward manner. They visit your site for a particular reason, and no one wants to see spammy pop-ups, repetitive ads, etc.


3. Make content as easy to skim as possible

Users don’t want to go through long paragraphs of text. So, how can you make your content more reader-friendly? Break down content with headings, images, lists, and summaries. These elements are a big part of our content creation process.

4. Know the people are visual learners

Instead of writing long paragraphs to explain a concept or idea, create diagrams. Diagrams are visually-appealing and when executed properly, can explain how something works in a better way.

5. Research, planning, and execution are critical (as a process)

Search engine optimization is a never-ending process. You need to do a lot of keyword research, write a lot of high-quality content, and optimize pages to achieve better traffic and rankings on search engine results pages. That’s why it is important to maintain a process so everything is organized and executed.

6. Know the higher order benefits of certain pieces of content

Always think about whether or not a certain keyword or article is relevant to your core business. If it is, then it can provide a higher order benefit. Showing people that you can provide high quality content that answers their queries builds your credibility as an expert in the topic.


7. Think about the system, not just the individual piece of content

Everything must be about the topic that you’re an expert in. Your articles should be interconnected, not random pieces.


All articles must also be interlinked so both users and Google can understand where to find information. Interlinking keeps your content organized and part of one big system.

8. User experience is paramount

Create your site with your users in mind. Make sure that it’s clean, organized, easy to use, and loads quickly.

The above First Principles of SEO will guide you towards producing a website with a lot of high-quality content and more traffic.

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