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Published: September 5, 2022   

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Not Great Content

What is Not Great Content?

Building a site entails content – a lot of it. And not just some random content. You need high-quality content that is relevant to your users. It will help you achieve better rankings in search engine results pages.



Site owners and content creators need to gain a better understanding of what makes a great content. Sadly, there are some who fail to publish content that will get the users’ attention and meet their queries. In the end, they may opt to look for other sites.

So, what makes a not-so-great content? Here are some things that you should avoid when creating content for your site:

No alignment; inconsistent formatting

If you look at various sites, you’ll notice that there are some pages with content that is misaligned and with inconsistent formatting. It makes the page look disorganized and sloppy.


Aside from adding relevant content, it is important to present it in an organized way, with uniform formatting that looks professional and is easy on the eyes.


No images

Some pages use images, others don’t. Without at least one image, the page will look to wordy and hard to read. Aside from images, it is important to use bullet points, lists, diagrams, and/or summaries.


They not only to break down content and make it easy to read but also to allow users to skim through and get the information that they need.


Images are not related to the content

Also, some site owners and content creators use images but are not related to the topic. If you're going to use images for your site, make sure that they are relevant and contribute to the topic being covered.


These are some of the things that you should avoid so you can publish great content. Learn more about creating content that your readers will like in our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course.

Additional Resources

To learn more about not great content and how to avoid them, check out our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course. For additional knowledge, see the following resources:

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