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Published: August 23, 2022   

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SEO Process

What is the SEO Process?

As a website owner or content creator, what is the process that you need to take in terms of search engine optimization? Here are the different steps in the SEO process for your website. 

SEO Process


Keyword Research

Keyword research means identifying the right keywords that will help you in creating your content. You can use tools to check which keywords or search terms that your competitors are using.


In general, find keywords with a high volume of search queries but with a low difficulty.

Content Creation

Once you’re done with your keyword research, the next step is to create content. Content creation entails a lot of work because aside from writing articles, you need to create custom diagrams and images, summaries, lists, downloadable files, PDFs, presentations, etc.

Content Optimization

Optimizing content means making it easy for search engines to crawl your content, as well as for users to get what they want out of it. Optimization comes in three types – on-page, off-page, and technical optimization.


Domain Authority

Building your site’s domain authority involves earning backlinks. There are several ways to do it but in general, it’s essential to earn them naturally because your site contains such high-quality content that other sites want to link to you.

Audit, Review and Improvement

The above techniques will help you get started with the SEO process. Bear in mind, however, that it’s a continuous endeavor. It does not stop at creating content with your keywords and publishing it.


You need to constantly work on making your content better – creating articles with new keywords, earning backlinks, etc. 

Additional Resources

To learn more about the SEO Process, check out our SEO Strategy & Tactics Course. For additional knowledge, see the following articles:

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